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Everyone needs a place to live, both in the small and the larger sense. On the small scale of the individual, one of the most basic needs that people have is the need for shelter, whether than means big city living or a rural country cottage. On the larger scale, every shelter needs to be built on something, and (until the idea of the Space Age finally comes to fruition) that something will be the planet Earth.

Personalizing our own individual living spaces has always been a part of the home environment, no matter what culture one lives in. Here in North America, we tend to go all out when it comes to making our living spaces unique. We buy furniture that appeals to us, decorate using our personal tastes as guides, lay out our house plans according to our lifestyles. We look for ideas and tips that can make our living spaces look that much better or more modern, or ways in which we can make our households more efficient.

Today, a new trend is emerging among modern real estate, and elsewhere in the world; one that forces us to focus on the larger picture when it comes to a place to live. People are aware as never before of the way in which the actions we take every day are adding up and taking a toll on the ability of our planet to support life. The crisis of global warming has people thinking about how their actions may be impacting the planet, no matter where we live or what type of lifestyle we enjoy.

This site is dedicated to the marriage of the concepts of good living in both the smaller and larger senses. We are devoting our articles to taking a look at ways in which we can bring "green sense" to the activities we engage in every day, from how we look for a property to the things we do for recreation.

It may seem like a tall order both to prepare and to fill, but we think that once you take a look at the articles we have posted throughout the site you will find that bringing green sense into your life is not nearly as hard as it might seem. In fact, most of the time living green does not require radical life changes at all. Instead, all you have to do is pay attention to the choices you are making in everyday situations, and select the option which makes the most environmental sense.

By way of an example, let's take a look at the impact that a change in individual lifestyles had during the last environmental crisis.

Back in the early 1990s, the science world was abuzz over the fact that the layer which blocked the harmful UV rays of the sun seemed to be deteriorating at a rapid level. As this layer has always been present, scientists knew that something had to have recently happened to cause this advanced state of depletion (which was causing greater rates of skin cancer among other environmental and health issues).

By that time, studies had demonstrated that the use of aerosol cans was directly responsible for the release of materials which were harmful to this important layer in our atmosphere. In fact, the depletion had become so bad that there was a hole in the layer which had never been there before.

The problem for humans was that aerosol cans had become an important part of everyday life, at least when it came to the developed world. They could be found from single family homes to condo-townhouses. We used them for dispensing everything from cleaning agents to shaving cream and even whipped cream, yet every time we foamed up we were directly compounding a problem which could have led to our extinction.

Large scale awareness of the issue of aerosol cans prompted worldwide action, first on the individual and then on the governmental scale. Today, the movement started in the '90s has led to a ban on aerosol can usage all over the developed parts of the globe, and the result has been a reduction in the ozone layer hole.

That is just one example of how awareness and individual action have meant a big change as far as the future of our planet is concerned. Today's environmental issues may seem larger, but the solution to them is still the same. Individuals must make choices that result in reduced use of materials harmful to the environment as well as businesses such as Cleantek drum screen becoming more aware too.

It can be done, and this site is here to help you in your endeavours to make the planet a better place. Take a look at the information we have and see just how easy it is to have your home and your lifestyle run on ecologically sound values. is sponsored by Cannect Home Financing Mortgage Broker as well as

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